Dear Ten Month Old Maura

Dear Ten Month Old Maura,

This past month was filled with big changes, that you of course have taken like a champ! The biggest changes being 1) you got your cast off, and 2) we decided to move 3,000 miles from Oregon to Upstate New York!

You’ve been testing out your legs, pulling up onto your feet briefly. It won’t be long until you catch back up. You can crawl twice as fast with the weight of the cast!

You feed yourself, and love to try and use your own spoon. Meals are very messy these days… You aren’t very excited about eating food, especially if mom suggests it. Eating has to be your idea, and led by you! Some new faves are honeydew melon and cheese. 

You can identify people’s noses, ears, and glasses! You love to point at things and have us identify them. I love watching you learn. 

You also love to dance! You’ll play musical toys repeatedly and dance every single time. You never fail to make me laugh. 

Love you baby girl!



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