Dear Eleven Month Old Maura…

Dear Eleven Month Old Maura,

How are you almost a year old already?! We have had absolutely no consistency this month with the move. I don’t think we’ve stayed in one place longer than a fee nights in a row. Needless to say, sleep is out the window! 

You handled our travels like a pro- napping and eating lots of puffs on the plane. In 12ish hours of travel, you only cried for a few minutes on the last bit! There were two other babies who cried the whole flight, so no one even noticed your brief frustrations. 

You caught a cold and ended up getting your first ear infection all the first week we were in NY. Yuck! Ear infections are no joke. 

Being sick, your appetite went down the drain, but soon returned. You will eat anything you can pick up and eat yourself. Mom feeding you… 25% chance of success. You want to do it yourself so badly… I let you when we’ve got a messy space, but with all the travel you haven’t gotten the silverware practice you crave! Some new favorites are meatballs, tomatoes, olives, and honeydew melon! 

You’ve been cruising a little bit around the furniture and refuse to even sit in the tub- you stand, I have to help support you while dada or grandma help get you washed. Instead of playing in the water, you just want to test the limits and climb. All day you just keep pushing yourself. I think you’ll catch back up soon!

You learn fast! You have started to imitate everything I do, from brushing your hair to aiming the tv remote at the tv. Today I smelled a bottle of lotion, you immediately grabbed it and sniffed it saying ‘mmm’ and giggling. 

Add ‘All done’ to your vocab list also. You’ve been ‘all done’ with just about everything. 


As each phase passes I thought I’d be sad. I do miss the newborn days. I remember holding you at 6 weeks and thinking if time stopped, I’d be fine spending forever in that moment. But I find myself excited for our future now. You’re so much fun and every day and I love seeing the little person you’re becomming.

Love ya,



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