Dear ONE YEAR Old Maura…

Dear one year old Maura,

(Despite being posted a month late, I really did write this a few weeks ago….)

What an incredible year! I don’t even know what to say in order to express how I feel. I’m proud of us both. I’m proud of you for persisting through struggles, adapting smoothly to changes, and accomplishing so many things in such a short time. You have shown me how full my heart, and how strong my love can be.

You started sitting up again this month! IMG_8174You’ve been able to hold yourself up, mostly by kneeling and supporting yourself with your hands, but all of a sudden you can sit up in
your brace with both legs out in front of you no problem. You’re also a pro at standing (holding on to things), and have started cruising a bit more confidently. We got you a push-dolly stroller for your birthday and immediately you were able to get up andIMG_8349 walk with it! As soon as you took those steps, a light bulb went off in your head! “I can do this!” You then started letting go of things as you stand up, trying to balance yourself. You often fall back immediately, but I love watching you try and love even more than you don’t get discouraged.

You give everyone the best hugs ever, even your stuffed animals, and your personality gets sweeter and sweeter. You still have a little mischievous streak, but I think it’s mostly due to curiosity. If something interests you, you just cannot leave it alone until you figure out what it is and does.

We celebrated your birthday at Grandma and Grandpa Love’s house. We decided to keep it simple with pizza and cake, some balloons, and your close family and friends. You absolutely loved being the center of attention! Every gift you opened, you wanted to play with then and there… the hardest part was moving on to the next gift. You are definitely loved by a whole lot of people.

We almost have you sleeping through the night again, but it’s been quite a battle. I’ve been giving you a dream feed around 11pm, and then not nursing the rest of the night. The first few nights of not nursing were brutal on all of us, and probably our neighbors too, but you seem to be getting into the new routine. Now that we’re settled into our new apartment (though temporary), it’s definitely time for us all to start getting good nights sleep!

You’re 32 inches tall and 23.5 pounds, you have 6 teeth and a poke that’s been trying to come through any day. Your babble sounds more and more like real words and it seems that you know exactly what you’re saying, even when we don’t.

Love you more and more every day,



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