Dear TWO Year Old Maura…

Dear Two Year Old Maura,


I had every intention of writing an update every few months throughout your second year, but wow has this year been busy! I thought your milestones and discoveries would slow down after your first birthday, they definitely did not! This past year you went from being able to briefly hold yourself up with a walker, to walking, walking backwards, running, tip-toeing, marching, stomping, and now you’re soooo close to getting off the ground when you jump! You can walk up and down stairs with the help of a hand or railing, climb up ladders, into chairs, onto anything you set your mind to. The 6-9 month delay in gross motor milestones we were told to expect never happened, and you’re right on pace with all your 2 year old friends!

A year ago, you had a handful of words – mostly single syllables, or the first syllable of a word. Now, you’ve got hundreds of words, speak in full sentences, tell stories, and even have a good knock knock joke you tell pretty well! – (Knock knock, Who’s there? Cow-Go, Cow-Go Who? Noooo, Cow go MOO!) Dad and I joke that you can say any word you’ve ever heard spoken! You memorize lyrics to songs faster than I do, and I often find myself looking up the words to songs and nursery rhymes that you ask me about! This second year has been a whirlwind of vocabulary and I’ve loved hearing your little voice, and now love being let into your world of thoughts.

You still love being outside, and got to experience sledding, making snowmen, and building snow caves to your experiences this past winter. You’re excited for our garden this year and have already been helping get it ready by planting seeds inside, pulling out the muddy weeds, raking, and carrying soil in your new wheelbarrow! If you’re stuck inside, you enjoy building things, playing with your babies, or more recently pretend games like ‘restaurant’ where your Little People order meals, and you prep and serve the food from your kitchen, or ‘store’ where you bring me things from around the house and give me your ‘credit card’ to swipe while putting items back into shopping bags…

People warn first time moms about the Terrible Twos, but so far you get sweeter and sweeter. You melt my heart by saying things like “I have so much fun when I with you, Mama!” and spontaneously saying “I love you too” (without me saying it first). I often hear you telling your dolls you love them, rocking them, or reading to them. The only one you’re not feeling the love for is Ramsey – but maybe that relationship will grow with time?

Here’s to another year full of learning about you, adventures, and fun.

Love you baby girl,



Dear ONE YEAR Old Maura…

Dear one year old Maura,

(Despite being posted a month late, I really did write this a few weeks ago….)

What an incredible year! I don’t even know what to say in order to express how I feel. I’m proud of us both. I’m proud of you for persisting through struggles, adapting smoothly to changes, and accomplishing so many things in such a short time. You have shown me how full my heart, and how strong my love can be.

You started sitting up again this month! IMG_8174You’ve been able to hold yourself up, mostly by kneeling and supporting yourself with your hands, but all of a sudden you can sit up in
your brace with both legs out in front of you no problem. You’re also a pro at standing (holding on to things), and have started cruising a bit more confidently. We got you a push-dolly stroller for your birthday and immediately you were able to get up andIMG_8349 walk with it! As soon as you took those steps, a light bulb went off in your head! “I can do this!” You then started letting go of things as you stand up, trying to balance yourself. You often fall back immediately, but I love watching you try and love even more than you don’t get discouraged.

You give everyone the best hugs ever, even your stuffed animals, and your personality gets sweeter and sweeter. You still have a little mischievous streak, but I think it’s mostly due to curiosity. If something interests you, you just cannot leave it alone until you figure out what it is and does.

We celebrated your birthday at Grandma and Grandpa Love’s house. We decided to keep it simple with pizza and cake, some balloons, and your close family and friends. You absolutely loved being the center of attention! Every gift you opened, you wanted to play with then and there… the hardest part was moving on to the next gift. You are definitely loved by a whole lot of people.

We almost have you sleeping through the night again, but it’s been quite a battle. I’ve been giving you a dream feed around 11pm, and then not nursing the rest of the night. The first few nights of not nursing were brutal on all of us, and probably our neighbors too, but you seem to be getting into the new routine. Now that we’re settled into our new apartment (though temporary), it’s definitely time for us all to start getting good nights sleep!

You’re 32 inches tall and 23.5 pounds, you have 6 teeth and a poke that’s been trying to come through any day. Your babble sounds more and more like real words and it seems that you know exactly what you’re saying, even when we don’t.

Love you more and more every day,


Dear Eleven Month Old Maura…

Dear Eleven Month Old Maura,

How are you almost a year old already?! We have had absolutely no consistency this month with the move. I don’t think we’ve stayed in one place longer than a fee nights in a row. Needless to say, sleep is out the window! 

You handled our travels like a pro- napping and eating lots of puffs on the plane. In 12ish hours of travel, you only cried for a few minutes on the last bit! There were two other babies who cried the whole flight, so no one even noticed your brief frustrations. 

You caught a cold and ended up getting your first ear infection all the first week we were in NY. Yuck! Ear infections are no joke. 

Being sick, your appetite went down the drain, but soon returned. You will eat anything you can pick up and eat yourself. Mom feeding you… 25% chance of success. You want to do it yourself so badly… I let you when we’ve got a messy space, but with all the travel you haven’t gotten the silverware practice you crave! Some new favorites are meatballs, tomatoes, olives, and honeydew melon! 

You’ve been cruising a little bit around the furniture and refuse to even sit in the tub- you stand, I have to help support you while dada or grandma help get you washed. Instead of playing in the water, you just want to test the limits and climb. All day you just keep pushing yourself. I think you’ll catch back up soon!

You learn fast! You have started to imitate everything I do, from brushing your hair to aiming the tv remote at the tv. Today I smelled a bottle of lotion, you immediately grabbed it and sniffed it saying ‘mmm’ and giggling. 

Add ‘All done’ to your vocab list also. You’ve been ‘all done’ with just about everything. 


As each phase passes I thought I’d be sad. I do miss the newborn days. I remember holding you at 6 weeks and thinking if time stopped, I’d be fine spending forever in that moment. But I find myself excited for our future now. You’re so much fun and every day and I love seeing the little person you’re becomming.

Love ya,


Dear Ten Month Old Maura

Dear Ten Month Old Maura,

This past month was filled with big changes, that you of course have taken like a champ! The biggest changes being 1) you got your cast off, and 2) we decided to move 3,000 miles from Oregon to Upstate New York!

You’ve been testing out your legs, pulling up onto your feet briefly. It won’t be long until you catch back up. You can crawl twice as fast with the weight of the cast!

You feed yourself, and love to try and use your own spoon. Meals are very messy these days… You aren’t very excited about eating food, especially if mom suggests it. Eating has to be your idea, and led by you! Some new faves are honeydew melon and cheese. 

You can identify people’s noses, ears, and glasses! You love to point at things and have us identify them. I love watching you learn. 

You also love to dance! You’ll play musical toys repeatedly and dance every single time. You never fail to make me laugh. 

Love you baby girl!


Dear Nine Month Old Maura,

img_7424Dear Nine Month Old Maura,

This past month was a whirl wind!

This month you started pulling up to stand in your cast! If you had it on longer, I wouldn’t be surprised to see you walking in it. You also started dancing and clapping along to music.

You’re babbling all the time – You say ‘Dada’ and ‘Da’ – which might be ‘Dog’? We aren’t sure, and we’re not quite sure if you know what you’re saying yet either! When I ask you to say ‘Mama’, you either say ‘Dada’ or ‘Mmmm’ then laugh. I think you’re teasing me!

You love books and spend a lot of time flipping through the pages, studying the pictures You read aloud, babbling to yourself, humming, and letting out little giggles as you go. I’d love to hear the story you’re telling! You enjoy pop up books and books with tabs the most, but you also end up eating the tabs that you’re able to rip out….

You have discovered that our kitchen cabinets ALL open, and they all have different things to pull out! Luckily for me, when you see something exciting that you want to get into, you start laughing and crawling as fast as you can towards it – I know what giggle means I’d better grab you quick!

This month was your 1st Christmas, 1st New Years, and 1st Snow!

I absolutely love watching you grow and learn. I’m so lucky, and can’t believe you’re my daughter.



(Notice, I didn’t mention sleep in this post… I’m trying not to think about it. Ugggh. We’ve been up twice a night for weeks. I tried to night wean a little but really just don’t have the energy, and part of me doesn’t want to deny you the comfort if you need it…)



Dear Eight Month Old Maura…

Dear Eight Month Old Maura, img_6922

Wow. I know I’ve said it before – that you amaze me, but you really do. This month you have shown me what determination truly looks like. You’re my inspiration to keep moving forward.

You had your cast put on a month ago. Within 24 hours of being home from the hospital you were crawling around on the floor. You were frustrated, and grunting with every ‘step’, but you kept on lugging that cast forward. You haven’t let it slow you down at all. I’m in awes of your happy disposition – I don’t know where you get it from, but it certainly reminds me to smile and laugh all day long.

You re-learned to crawl, and roll over in your cast. Rolling took a little longer, but you’ve got it down now. The weight of the cast gives you some momentum, and often makes you giggle. Since we took a little break from gross motor development – you’ve really made img_6632leaps and bounds elsewhere. You can perfectly pincer grip little pieces of food (and everything else) and put it in your mouth (or the dogs). You like puffs, and yogurt melts. You’re eating three good meals a day now.

You love to play peek a boo, and you’ve started initiating the game by covering your face with anything you can, and tearing it away laughing. You do this with your food covered bib smushing food all over your face, you do this with blankets or clothes you can reach while I change your diaper, sometimes you even grab my shirt to play while we are trying to nurse. You crack me up.

img_6953You’re beginning to wave Hi and Bye-Bye. You can sign milk, but usually don’t start the sign until we’re already having it. You clap along with music, especially ELMO. You Looooove Elmo. You only clap with one hand though, you hold one still and tap the other against it. Sometimes you kick your free foot to the music too. You ‘read’ to yourself often. You adore pop up books, especially ones that make noises. You were just turning pages and flipping up flaps, but now I’ve noticed you mumbling and babbling while you turn the pages. I think you’re pretending to read, and I love it.

Sleep has gone out the window with the cast, oh well. We’ll see how it goes once it’s off. For now, I’ll take the extra snuggles at night.

Love you tons,


Dear Seven Month Old Maura…

Dear Seven Month Old Maura, img_6385

This month was busy and filled with ups and downs. You had your first cold and stuffy nose (expected this season), your first tummy bug (yuck!), being sick really threw your sleep down the drain. We started getting up once or twice a night again, although we’ve had a couple 12 hour nights so I’m staying hopeful your old routine comes back!! Unfortunately, you were also diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at your 6 month check up with the pediatrician. We did NOT see that coming. As soon as the Dr. moved your hips around, we heard a big clunk. It really hadn’t slowed you down in the least. We really aren’t looking forward to the journey of getting

Savoring the view of these beautiful legs.

your hip healthy, but know that it’s something we have to do. You have proven yourself to be a tough and motivated little lady, so I know you’ll be just fine and I will be with you the
entire time.

You have mastered crawling on your hands and knees, and crawl everywhere very quickly. After only a few days of crawling, you learned to sit up on your knees… and then grab onto anything and pull yourself up! I have found you several days in a row standing in your crib after naps! I’m amazed at how fast you learn and figure out new skills!

We really upped the number of foods you’re eating too! You love to gnaw on apples cut in half, and eat little chunks of banana. You eat pureed sweet potatoes often, liked carrots, liked yogurt, liked strawberries, and were amused by the tartness of raspberries (although you didn’t want to many more, so maybe tart isn’t your favorite!)img_6299

We had lots of visitors this month! Your Grandma and Grandpa K came out to play for a
week, and then your Grammy L came out for almost two weeks! Grammy L got to hang with us for your very first Halloween. You dressed up like Curious George. We took you downtown for Trick or Treating a few days ahead and although you really didn’t know what was going on – lots of people smiled at you and told you how cute you are – so you had fun.

You popped two new teeth also! The top two have made an appearance. They were a lot rougher on you coming in that the bottom two. You now have a total of 4 teeth. We have been brushing your teeth at bath time, and I think we might have to start a 2 a day routine soon.

Love you tons,